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Cafè Petite produces elegantly decorated cupcakes and exotic teas, served in a traditional interior decorated corner cafè located near the royal palace in Oslo city centre.

Cafè Petite

It has a variety of both longtables and more intimate round tables, all set with white linen, beautifully folded napkins, patterned porcelain tea sets and a table arrangement of flowers with a small candelabra in the centre.
The cupcakes are made with a mix of locally sourced,organic ingredients and high quality imported goods such as Valhrona chocolate, Peruvian cocoa and Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar. 

the owners

The owners are Henriette (28) and Lola (31). 

The owners met online, both sharing an interest in starting their own bakery and they found one another through a Facebook group for hobby bakers in Oslo. 

Lola has a degree in business, while Henriette is an interior designer who has left the idustry to pursue her love for baking. 

One day they started discussing what their bakery would look like if they started one together. They both realized they loved to make cupcakes the most – and that’s how Cafè Petite became a reality. The owners wish to create the space and website with the feel of the royal castle.

Elegance, Quality and Decadence are key phraces that inspire them. They want to see their cafè thrive, with their tables full of happy customers sipping tea and enjoying their cupcakes.

concious harvest

For every bag of tea sold, we supply our farmers with an extra bonus percentage.

Climate change is one of the major risks faced by the world today. The effects of climate change will impact how and where tea can be grown. This has serious implications for the people who depend on tea for a living. Small-scale farmers are particularly vulnerable.

Tea production is threatened by a range of climate driven stresses including rising temperatures, droughts, frosts, shifting and unpredictable weather patterns as well as changing incidences of pests and diseases.

Deforestation is another major environmental threat, which exacerbates the effects of climate change and has a range of negative impacts on tea communities.