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Our selection of our delicious cupcakes and some of the worlds most exclusive tea leaves.
Our cupcakes are made with real Madagascar vanilla and Vahlrona chocolate, creating a perfect pairing to the perfectly steeped tea leaves served with it.
A true taste adventure 

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cafè petite

Our cafe in Oslo is newly opened and we would be happy to host you or your party.

The cafe seats up to 40 people and can be arranged to your taste.
We serve a wide variety of tea, cupcakes and a carefully assembled hors d’oeuvre platter

Contact the cafe directly for booking, or fill out our contact form and our employees will be in touch to set it up for you.

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did you know?

There is actually a correct way to brew tea. 

Hundreds of years ago, people found out that the delicacy of the tea leaves (how much the tea had been processed and oxidized) reacts to the temperature of the water. Too hot and the tea tastes bitter – Too cold and you miss out on the full flavor profile. We have created a simple guide for you to use at home.